About GameGether

Building a healthy and engaging community

Our Values

Community: We value talented people who are passionate about gaming. Our goal is to create a healthy and engaging community where toxic or otherwise negative and offensive behaviors are not tolerated. These values are strictly enforced, and if broken, may result in a ban.

Engaging: We're all about sharing the love of gaming, positivity, and fun with our community. Everything we design, build, and do is about helping make it easier for gamers to better engage with their community + get paid for it.

Listening: We believe in working hard to earn our users' trust and putting them at the center of everything we do. Each problem is an opportunity to shine and we're committed to listening and responding quickly to all feedback.

How did GameGether start?

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Our Team

Jeff "SuiJeneris", CEO

I love multiplayer mobile games (haha) and also enjoy PC games like Valorant

Jerald "JSEE", CPO

Apex Legends is one of my favorite games and I love creativity and design

James "rahja", CTO

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